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    Silicone Ice Molds  (Plastic, Black Surface, Grinded,Peeled,, 0Cr18Ni11Nb, 1196-2002) - FOB China

  • Requirement:
  • Short Description: Material: Silicone


    Color: All Pantone colors are available


    Delivery Time:12-15 days depend on quantity

    Port Name: Xiamen Port, China
    Product Description
  • Detailed Description:

    Silicone Ice Molds Key Specifications:
    1.Material:Comply to Silicone or rubber (NR,SBR, NBR, EPDM, CSM, CR, HNBR,VITON,AFLAS etc).

    2. Hardness of silicone:20-80 shore A, other 40-90 shore A tolerance.

    3.Market:Automotive,Food Industries,Medical,Sports,Toys,Household Appliance,Construction,Hydronics Industries etc.

    4.Color:Any color are available according to Pantone.

     5.Machine Type:50 to 400 tons.
    Competitive Advantages:
    1.All manufacturing processes confirm to the ISO-9001,ISO14001 and NSF-61 standards.

     2. Excellent chemical and physical property.

     3. RoHS directive compliant green products.

     4. Rapid development line, from drawing, tool design to mold support and samples .

     5.Customer's design and specifications are accepted .

    6. Available in various sizes and colors.         

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    No Company Name Country State/Region Company Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 China Karo Molding Company
    China Karo Molding Company
    China.htmlChina Fujian China Karo Molding Company - Company Picture Karo Company is a Chinese injection mold manufacturer which provides competitive plastic injection mold making, plastic injection molding services in China.
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    No User Full Name Company Verified Manufacturer Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Jeasin Huang China_Karo_Molding_Company.htmlChina Karo Molding Company Sales +865925135406 - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 27 Jul 2017
    About You:
    China Karo Molding Company has been in mold fields for 20 years. Our services include injection molding, mold making, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, painting and assembling. Our products are widely used for household appliance, medicals, electronics, etc. We can produce the injection mold with competitive prices just as you require, for we have our own mold designers and mold making factory in China.

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  • Country Details

    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
    2 Indonesia Jakarta Southeast Asia 1,904,569 km² 212,107,000 people
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      • Silicone Ice Molds  (Plastic, Black Surface, Grinded,Peeled,,… Standards

        No Standard No Society Summary
        1 1196-2002 GB/T
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