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  • Company Name

    Pagenkemper - Dos Remedios

  • Company Introduction: We mediate for buyers and sellers internationally
  • Company Logo: Pagenkemper - Dos Remedios
  • Current Stock Lists: Pagenkemper - Dos Remedios - Current Stock…
    Updated: 14 Sep 2011
  • Company Presentation: Pagenkemper - Dos Remedios - Company Presentation
    Updated: 14 Sep 2011
  • Country: Germany.htmlGermany
  • State/Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • City: Lippstadt
  • Zip/Postal Code: 59556
  • Street: Rosenstr: 38
  • Phone: +49 29455271
  • Fax: +49 29456850
  • Skype: josinho66
  • Company Location:
  • Sector: Aluminum
    Steel Stainless
    Оther Metals & Metal Products
  • Product List: Copper Cathode
    Copper Scrap
    Iron Scrap
    Steel Scrap
    Оther Aluminum  (Aluminium Scrap)
    Оther Cast & Forged
    Оther Titanium  (Titanium Scrap)
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 2008 Year
  • Company Registration Number: HRA5206
  • Number of Employees in the Company: Less than 5 People
  • Annual Sales Value: Below US$0,2 Million
  • Export Percentage: 1% - 10%
  • Type of Business: Agent
  • Date of Publication: 14 Sep 2011
  • Published By: Dr. Josinho B. Dos Remedios
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): Germany.htmlGermany  - Niedersachsen, Stade
  • Company Description:

    We dealt previously in the import and distribution of Granite - Gravestones. This market has crumbled due to preference of cremating the deceased. I started in 1992 as a mediator and have returned back to this field.

    I have very good buyers in India, Pakistan and far East, but I am looking for genuine and authentic suppiers in various items in Metal Scrap.

  • Pagenkemper - dos remedios - Employees

    No User Full Name Company Verified Manufacturer Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Dr. Josinho B. Dos Remedios Pagenkemper_Dos_Remedios.htmlPagenkemper - Dos Remedios Owner +492945 5271 - Login to Steelads - Germany.htmlGermany 14 Sep 2011
    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

    Publisher City (according to IP address):
    Niedersachsen, Stade

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      • Pagenkemper - dos remedios Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 Germany Berlin Western Europe 357,022 km² 82,164,700 people
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