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    Concept Technostructures

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    Updated: 12 Jan 2012
  • Country: India.htmlIndia
  • State/Region: Rajasthan
  • City: Kota
  • Zip/Postal Code: 324005
  • Street: H-9 Ipia Electronic Complex
  • Phone: +91-744-2436747
  • Fax: +91-744-2436746
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    Dear Sir,

    We introduce ourselves an ISO 9001:2009 as manufacturer of Compressed Air Products such as Dryers, Automatic Drain Valve, Moisture Separators, Air Filters, Air Dryers, After Coolers, and Air Receivers etc.

    We have widest range of ADV models suitable for various applications with features unmatchable to our competitors and Dryers from 5 CFM to 5000 CFM. The Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed with Fin and Tube (Three in One) Heat Exchanger which gives maximum heat transfer, further the Dryer is designed at Air Inlet temperature of 50 Deg C, Ambient of 45 Deg C against our competitors of 43-45 Deg C and 38-42 Deg C respectively hence no de rating is required in case of Concept Dryers in most of the Indian conditions.

    1 Concept Dryer: important features and design parameters
    • Designed for air inlet temperature of 50 Deg C and ambient temperature of 45 Deg c . Concept Dryer do not require to be  de rated  due to higher inlet temperature up to 50 deg c and ambient of 45 Deg C  while other are to be de rated ( please refer attached comparison of correction factors )
    • Heat Exchanger 3-in - 1 one type with Finned and Tube technology - warranty 10 years
    • Front control panel for the ease of maintenance.
    • Manual Drain.
    • Spare dew point sensor
    • Compound Suction and Discharge Pressure Gauges.

    Please refer attached sheet for the comparison.

    1 Concept Dryer gives you real dew point as the sensor is fitted inside the evaporator where the condensation takes place and not at the refrigeration gas out let as in case of others.
    2 Concept Dryer has features which are required for the ease of maintenance and also in most of the cases the problem can be resolved by the customer himself.
    3 Warranty 18 months
    Concept Dryers are designed with all necessary controls and indications which are helpful for the fault diagnostic and preventive maintenance at customer end.
    Concept range of products are ;
    • Automatic Drain Valve
    • Refrigerated Air Dryer
    • Heat less Air Dryer
    • Air Filters
    • After Coolers
    • Air Receivers
    • Chillers ( N2, H2 , Air , Water and Oil)
    • Solenoid valves for Air.

    We are serving many reputed leading industries of India with uppermost satisfactory level please find attached herewith list of some selected customers

    Please find attached herewith catalogue of Dryer, however should you need more information, kindly feel free to contact us on mail/phone
    We request you to kindly register our name for the above products and solicits with the enquires enable us to submit our quotation
    Thanks and Regards,
    Mahavir  9462310837
    (Sales and Marketing Dept.)
    I.P.I.A. ROAD NO 1 KOTA -324 005
    PH      : 91 -744-2436747
    FAX: 91-744-2436746
    website :

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    1 Mr. Mahavir Prasad Concept_Technostructures.htmlConcept Technostructures sales engineer +91-0744-2436747 - Login to Steelads - India.htmlIndia 12 Jan 2012
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    Karnataka, Bangalore

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        1 India Delhi Southern and Central Asia 3,287,263 km² 1,013,662,000 people
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