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  • Company Name

    Zao "spidermash"

  • Company Introduction: Equipment and technologies for briquetting of powder-like and small-sized
    stuff, contained Ni, Cu, Cr, Al, Mg, Ti, Fe and another stuff by means of

    Obtained briquettes use as fuel and raw materials in different fields of
    national economy.
  • Local Company Name: ЗАО "СПАЙДЕРМАШ"
  • Country: Russia.htmlRussia
  • State/Region: Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • City: Yekaterinburg
  • Zip/Postal Code: 620049
  • Street: Studentcheskaya 54
  • Phone: +73432787557
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  • Company Description:

    Briquetting by roll type presses was known more than 100 years.
    High of development of briquetting by roll type presses in USSR is related
    to 60-s - 70-s years of XX century.

    As the constructions of roll type presses of that time had many
    disadvantages, theirs development and use was strongly limited. Therefore
    such technologies as agglomeration and balling got the most development.

    Unfortunately, since 70-s, equipment and technologies of briquetting by
    roll type presses hadn't been developed.

    In 1991 constructors of "Spidermash" manufactured theirs first roll type
    press and started work for researching of different materials briquetting
    by roll type presses under high pressure.

    As a results of these researches roll type briquetting presses, working
    under high pressure with high reliability and being simple to use, were

    Briquetting roll type presses, working under high pressure, allow to

    * technical dusts, generating in different branches of industry;

    * fine ores, enriched concentrates with adding reducing agents in charge;

    * inflammable and explosive mixed materials;

    * compositions of different material by roasting free method.

    Our method of briquetting is wasteless and have no detrimental to ecology.

    "Spidermash" company develop and install technologies of briquetting in the
    CIS and outside and constantly upgrade their equipment.

  • Zao "spidermash" - Employees

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    1 Mr. Leonid Polyanskij Zao_spidermash.htmlZao "spidermash" Chairman +73432787558 - Login to Steelads - Russia.htmlRussia 11 Mar 2013
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    Krasnoyarsk, Ural

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      • Zao "spidermash" Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 Russia Moscow Eastern Europe 17,075,400 km² 146,934,000 people
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