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    Maanshan Iron & Steel Company

  • Company Introduction: Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited is China's third largest steel producer after Baosteel and Wuhan Iron & Steel. Set along the banks of the Yangtze River in Ma'anshan, Masteel is known as the "flower of Jiangnan (South of Yangtze River in Chinese language)."

    Maanshan Iron & Steel, better known as Masteel, turns out 8 million tons of steel annually, 80% of which are of international grade (the remainder is used in-state). It has 44,104 employees as of December 2007.
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    Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited (the "Company") was set up on 1 September 1993 and was regarded by the State as one of the nine pilot joint-stock limited enterprises which formed the first batch of overseas listed companies. The Company's H shares were issued overseas during 20-26 October 1993 and were listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Hong Kong Stock Exchange") on 3 November 1993. The Company issued RMB common shares in the domestic market during 6 November through 25 December 1993. These shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (the "SSE") in three batches on 6 January, 4 April and 6 September in the following year.

    On 13 November 2006, the Company issued bonds with warrants ("Bonds with Warrants") on the SSE. On 29 November 2006, the Company's bonds and warrants were listed on the SSE.

    The Company is one of the largest iron and steel producers and marketers in the PRC, and is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of iron and steel products. The manufacturing process primarily involves iron-making, steel-making and steel rolling projects. The Company's principal product is steel products which come in four major categories: steel plates, section steel, wire rods and train wheels.

    The Group's principal activities are the manufacture and sale of iron and steel products. The production process of the Group mainly comprises cooking, sintering, iron smelting, steel smelting and rolling.

    The principal steel products come in four major categories: steel sections, wire rods, medium or thick steel plates and train wheels and tyres.

    It imports machinery and raw materials and exports steel products. It is also involved in the planning and designing of automation system, metallurgical, construction and environmental protection projects. Other activities include purchase, installation and repair of computers and communications systems; production, sale and transportation of slag products and provision of related consultation and technology services.


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