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    Adv-Ti Titanium Industry (Group) Co. Ltd

  • Company Introduction: In preparation since 1997, ADV-Ti titanium industry (group) Co., LTD., was established in early 2007, with a total registered capital of 120 million yuan, more than 280 acres production area and a 38000 square meters production workshop. It counts an existing staff of nearly 800 people: senior management staff (more than 200 people), all kinds of senior professional and technical personnel (more than 300 people).
  • Local Company Name: 优钛钛业
  • Country: United_Kingdom.htmlUnited Kingdom
  • State/Region: London
  • City: London
  • Zip/Postal Code: N14 5BP
  • Street: Chase Buslness Centre(Chd) 39-41 Chase Side London
  • Phone: +44-20-32868699
  • Skype: adv-ti
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  • Company Description:

    Group Company has three factories and two international sales companies:
    Advanced   Titanium   International Co., Ltd. (Europe)
    Wuxi Advanced Titanium Technology Co, .Ltd.
    Shaanxi Youlong Precision Casting Factory
    Shaanxi Advanced Titanium Material Processing Factory
    Jiangsu Advanced Pipe Industry Co.Ltd.
    Group CO., LTD. mainly produces various kinds of metal materials, precision casting, as well as titanium, nickel, zirconium composite material of rare metals research and development, production, processing and domestic and international trade. This Group is under the British UKAS ISO quality system certification, as well as the third party inspection agencies BV company factory Certification Company worldwide.
    Group CO., LTD main products:
    l                  Titanium   tube, titanium seamless pipe, welded pipe, titanium pipe fitting
    l                  Titanium rod, Titanium alloy bar, Square titanium bar, The 6 angular titanium bar
    l                  Titanium plate, Thick titanium plate, Thin titanium plate, titanium roll band, titanium mesh, titanium foil
    l                  Titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire, titanium wire plate
    l                  Titanium composite materials: titanium steel composite plate, titanium copper composite panels, steel composite plate, titanium aluminum composite panels, composite panels, nickel titanium tubes, titanium package tong bang composite materials, etc.
    l                  Titanium forgings, titanium cake, titanium rings, titanium circle
    l                  Titanium processing parts: titanium fasteners, titanium standard parts, special-shaped parts
    l                  Rare metal castings, titanium and titanium alloy castings, nickel and nickel alloy castings
    l                  Ordinary metal castings, aluminum castings, copper alloy castings, steel castings, high temperature alloy castings.
    ADV-TI  serve power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, production and refining, aerospace as well as military, medical, automotive and sporting goods industry etc.
    Leitmotiv: Leading technology, refine on perfect performance, the pursuit of excellence!
    This company is willing to join hands with friends from various circles, conspiracy cooperation and development, Yong Phang peak industry, to create the new glory!

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    1 Ms. Ada Shi Adv_Ti_Titanium_Industry_Group_Co_Ltd.htmlAdv-Ti Titanium Industry (Group) Co. Ltd The Sales Manager +86-510-82206480-804 - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 02 Jul 2014
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    Jiangsu, Nanjing

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