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    Lazer Verts

  • Company Introduction: , Les pointeurs laser verts suivants ont été choisis avec soin pour répondre à nos exigences de qualité et de fiabilité.
  • Local Company Name: french
  • Country: Aland_Islands.htmlAland Islands
  • Zip/Postal Code: 75001
  • Street: Paris
  • Phone: +86 589 6456
  • Company Email:
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  • Year Company Registered: 2010 Year
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    laser stylo

    200 mW to 500 mW personally think is more appropriate for power, the power of 500mW room above conditions have been able to feel particularly sunlight. The price of the main bandwidth laser pointer 3000MW and stability associated with the bandwidth, the more expensive price, but the human eye can not distinguish the difference between the bandwidth, which is economically the most attached friends choose 50 milliwatts of power or less, the laser pointer price a few hundred dollars is more appropriate. In addition, generally higher laser pointer consumption, but also need the environmental principles and cost savings, with a pair of good rechargeable batteries. At present, the 50MW green laser electricity prices is not expensive, only a little more than the  laser 5000mw .

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    1 Miss Jophksf Jophksf Lazer_Verts.htmlLazer Verts Paris - Login to Steelads - France.htmlFrance 06 Jul 2015
    About You: , Le pointeur laser est connu comme le faisceau de lumière pour les yeux peut provoquer la fermeture des paupières réflexe. Concentrez-vous sur l'effet de la faible coût lumière laser bleu à travers eux pour attaquer l'expédition.

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    Tokyo, Tokyo

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