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        1 10 Interior Home Design Tips Company News Mr_Alok_Ranjan.htmlMr. Alok Ranjan 10 Dec 2015, 07:39
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        If you are about to renovate or design your home in a new & different way, so there are so many ideas available for home interior design. Many interior designer experts have suggested various tips and you can also try Online Interior Design for the best ideas. Here are some of the best tips that you can easily apply to your home and make it look awesome.
        1. Paint it light: Paint your walls with light shades as it gives the feel of softer and larger. Whereas dark shades makes the room looks compact. You can also add light colored furniture and furnishings.
        2. Decorative mirror: Hang a fancy and big mirror in your living room wall or at the entrance of the house. It looks stunning and the room also gives large and rich feel. 

        3. Use wallpapers: Wallpapers are very easy and popular way to stylize the walls but you can also use them in decorating your doors and cabinet doors. 

        4. Decorate wall: Paint your single and plain wall with a bright color or give texture to it is also a great idea. You can add texture by yourself with the help of dry brush, broom or comb.

        5. Metallic & metals: You can also use number of metallic products in your home which gives a classy look. You can use antique show pieces, door and cabinets' knobs, chandelier, curtain rods, furniture etc. It makes your home look expansive. 

        6. Corner: never let your corner empty as you can place a big vase or an artificial plant makes your room look sophisticated and beautiful. Plants in living room also give the feel of freshness. 

        7. Bookshelf: You can also paint your bookshelf with vibrant color to make it look unique and stunning. You can also apply wallpaper as background of the bookshelf. 

        8. Rugs: Bring home the rugs for your floor and give your boring floor a life. By rugs the room looks sophisticated and gives cozy feel as well. You can also try online home interior design to get the proper ideas of placing rungs. 

        9. Photo gallery: Make a photo gallery by hanging photo frames of your family on a wall. Place randomly for a different look. Besides the family photos you can also use small paintings. 

        10. Door color: Whatever you have painted on your wall, try to paint your door contrasted with a unique and vibrant color. This would be applicable generally for the main door.


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