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    Xian Xzq Spring Products Co. Ltd

  • Company Introduction: we are the manufacturer of spring from china, our products including: compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, wire spring, Disc Springs and etc. May i ask do you have drawing of the Springs which you required ? So we can quote you the accurate pricing.Please check our web site:, to know more about our factory.My company email is:, if there have anything interesting, please feel free to contact us.
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    Xi'an XZQ Spring Products Co., Ltd. Located in northwest of China, was established in 1982, which is a modern manufacturer of hot coiling spring, extension spring, compressed spring, torsion spring, Belleville spring, and other Spring products.
    Our business covers railway, automobile industry, electronic equipment, mechano-electronic, aerospace field, transformer substation, textile machinery, etc. Being a VIP supplier, we have cooperated with Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company, China XD Group, PTC and many other state-owned military enterprises.
    Not only we can provide high-quality products, but also supply R& D elastic elements, optimize componets, plotting testing, trial-manufacture testing, volume production testing, remodel drawing and domestic exporting drawing. Mostly, our products have been conformed to the national standard GB, the international standard ISO and the JIS. We also have bulk stock to supply the best for you immediately.
    As the biggest spring enterprise in northwest district in China, we owned perfect manufacturing management strong technical strength, mature processing technology and the best after-sales service. We combine traditional business value with modern technology to provide our customers with outstanding quality, followed by superior service at exceptional value.

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    1 Mr. David Wei Xian_Xzq_Spring_Products_Co_Ltd.htmlXian Xzq Spring Products Co. Ltd Manager - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 06 Feb 2018
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