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  • Company Introduction: The company has been registered in the middle of the 2009 with the main issue of exploration and exploitation of mines and mining industries with domestic and foreign companies at the Isfahan Companies Registration Office.

    Sepahan mines kimia company With all its efforts and efforts, it has tried to advance its high goals And always with planning And the strategies defined in the collection are trying to play an effective role in the production of our country in the mineral sector.
  • Country: Iran.htmlIran
  • State/Region: Esfahan
  • City: Esfahan
  • Zip/Postal Code: 8174755354
  • Street: North Sheikh Sadouq
  • Phone: +989103025343
  • Company Email:
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  • Company Description:

    In 1388 kimia sepahan mines co. had registered and started its activity along with exploitation of sarab ore mine which is located in Bijar, Kurdistan province.
    Sarab ore mine is working with 150.000 ton nominal capacity for graining ore by medium carat about54-57% fee per a year and by making jobs for more than180 person directly and about 350 person are working in an indirect way right now.
    Though, existing problems regarding selling ore such as impressive decrease in selling global price, increasing of fixed price, and increasing the amount of waste dam in last 3-4 years, at the end of 1394 cause to temporary closing of mine, then in 94/10/01 number of employees had decreased significantly.
    This difficulty has a noticeable effect on company operation in order to start for structuring factory with the purpose of ore production according to Sayed Ali Hosseini Khamenei the second current leader of Islamic republic of Iran statements about economic strength with the aim of Iranian factory satisfaction regarding steel production, having possibility for mining activity for saving pervious well , by employing new human resources kimia sepahan act to use of existing technical knowledge in company for laboratory extensive in Iran including karaj research and development center, Tehran university . in addition, some companies out of country such
    as turkeys Aksa magnet companies , SGA (Germany) regarding their specialty and having big amount of sulfur and finally after one year production and accomplishment studies process, they had a contract with Aksa magnet in order to machinery composition and installation.

  • Kimia - Employees

    No User Full Name Company Verified Manufacturer Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Ms. Sama Sakhi Kimia.htmlKimia Sales Department +989103025343 - Login to Steelads - Iran.htmlIran 06 May 2019
    About You:
    Kimia MS is an Iranian Iron quarry owner, which is able to provide Iron ore concentrate as below description:
    Fe: 66-68%
    Production capacity: 25000 MT, monthly
    As bulk, FOB Bandar Emam
    Payment: TT (5-10% in advance, balance against SGS report, before loading)

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      • Kimia Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 Iran Teheran Southern and Central Asia 1,648,195 km² 67,702,000 people
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