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    Mr. Richard Castle

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    Minor Metals: tellurium, bismuth, vanadium, germanium, gallium, mercury, thallium, selenium, antimony, zirconium, cadmium, scandium, yttrium, cerium, lanthanum
    Chemicals: tellurium dioxide, tellurium chloride, bismuth trioxide, bismuth vanadate, bismuth nitrate, vanadium dioxide, vanadium trioxide, vanadium pentoxide, vanadyl sulfate, vanadyl oxalate, vanadium electrolyte, germanium dioxide, gallium oxide

    Zegen Metals&Chemicals; Limited
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    1 Zegen Metals & Chemicals Limited
    Hong_Kong.htmlHong Kong Hong Kong Island we focus on minor metal industry, which is also developing with time go. advanced material and good property material is what we chase for. hope our work could make effect with industry development. the world are changing, we also want to change with it. hope there are more contact we could get, and get more information from world.
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