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    China.htmlChina Henan Yifan: how to meet the needs of investors
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        1 Yifan: How To Meet the Needs of Investors Selling Mr_Wenwei_Li.htmlMr. Wenwei Li 19 Mar 2014, 08:03

        Landmark jaw crusher
              The traditional jaw crusher with its powerful ability to effectively broken for decades has been loved by the people , Yifan Machinery Company with the development of the times, a variety of advanced technologies continue to emerge , the jaw crusher -related researchers have with the new design, this new design theory , once established, once able to put theory into actual cost of production, then the jaw crusher will be a cross-age changes in the crusher industry has a historic significance.
                Complacency is the most terrible thing
                China let the last century we have seen the worst of the consequences rest on its laurels , so despite today's jaw crusher in the performance is still very far as advantages , but one thing no matter how innovative , if not , do not continue to improve, with the passage of time will eventually be eliminated by the market , there will be more advanced equipment to replace his position , so as to continue to study domestic jaw crusher and crushing cavity motion characteristics of granular materials , the experts have been proposed layered broken hypothesis applies to jaw crusher designed and developed to provide a new method for the jaw crusher cavity shape research .

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        2 Yifan Machinery Is Your Best Choice Buying Mr_Wenwei_Li.htmlMr. Wenwei Li 26 Mar 2014, 01:57

        Domestic markets springing up like sand and gravel production line generally endless. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery is specialized in the production of customer requirements in the jaw crusher and jaw crusher is the backbone of development and production of large enterprises, is a research and development , production and sales of integrated enterprise. Select Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery production line, you can completely avoid jaw crusher and your company does not match the location of gravel material issues . With such a first-class production line at the same time , small and medium enterprises and major mechanical Yifan maintained a long-term technical cooperation , and in the long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced technology , production experience and improve reinforces Yifan production equipment.

        portable crusher:

                  When selecting jaw crusher , crushing machinery Yifan production , compared with the same industry machinery, investment equal treatment capacity of only 1/4-1/6 of conventional production lines , the production cost is only 1 /3 of a conventional production line -1 / 5 , short payback period . Yifan Machinery production line compared to other companies in the same industry , with processing , a full set of basic operations such as casting workshop , and also have excellent performance, simple operation , and other characteristics . It also is widely used in mine , construction and other key manufacturing sectors. Production line in the sand with the process, Yifan sophisticated production facilities for domestic and foreign enterprises to provide new but considerable technical support, and won a major outstanding enterprises at home and abroad unanimously approved.

        jaw crusher:

                    As the industry leader , Yifan mining machine is required for major companies jaw crusher manufacturers reputation at home and abroad , Yifan of stone production line with national metallurgy, construction and other sectors of the production line expertise in all aspects of cooperation to meet the full range of national quality indicators and technical standards, and aims to provide a quality service. You can watch base jaw crusher and in full consideration of the Company's location gravel material, geographical conditions on the machine to Shanghai Shengyuan mine site visits , Shanghai Sheng Yuan mining machine devised for major product line for small businesses . Katsumoto Shanghai mining machine stone crushing equipment production design in the design process , due to the reasonable levels match crushing equipment , as well as rigorous cross space layout, so it has a small footprint, high investment cost , quality aggregates well, powder characteristics such as low output , the entire production process to ensure a smooth material , energy efficient . You can not understand the kind eliminates concerns by jaw crusher picture.
                    Yifan Machinery will continue in the future beyond the mechanical production process, efforts to create new glories. We can promise to you: Yifan machinery jaw crusher , deserves to have what you want, but you need to have not thought of yet , there you will not need to use it temporarily everything !


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        3 Jaw Crusher Innovation And Development Selling Mr_Wenwei_Li.htmlMr. Wenwei Li 21 Mar 2014, 02:50

        In today's era of rapid development of mining machinery industry , mining machinery products to meet low-cost, low-power, high-performance and high efficiency crushing equipment is the market demand . Yifan important machinery production equipment jaw crusher crushing stone as mine , the fastest growing in the country , however, the jaw crusher to grow in our country though , but there are still some gaps with the world advanced level. To optimize jaw crusher , which is to improve the life and work efficiency jaw crusher is a serious problem .

        portable crusher:

            Crusher itself is a culture of innovation , especially when innovation becomes a main thrust of the industry , the development of the industry will have continuous power . All along, Yifan Machinery adhere to innovative research and development of new jaw crusher equipment , and ultimately developed a highly efficient crusher equipment , occupies an irreplaceable position in the sand and gravel industry.
              Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing originally river gravel, iron ore, quartz and other hard material crushing , and improved design of single-stage jaw crusher , will move the lower jaw of " force reduction " state to the " energizing" effects , greatly improving the crushing ratio , to achieve a " broken pyramid " mechanism , effectively expanding the field of use jaw crusher .

        cong crusher:

            JC jaw crusher is the latest launch of a powerful jaw crusher , it works or analog two animals and then broken jaw movement principles of food , in the crushing cavity by the dynamic and static composition of the material two jaw broken, but unique jaw head structure, sealing guarantee , effectively extending bearing life , the use of V-shaped structure deep cavity , the feed larger ( compared with ordinary broken jaw ) , higher yields . As construction waste crushing processing , production and supply of sand and gravel aggregate and highways, high-speed railway , bridge building needs. With the continuous development , and gradually into the crusher industry in blue chip stocks .


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