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    Mr. Tony Liu

  • About You: Medical caster: used as medical bed caster, hospital furniture caster, hospital trolley caster, central locking caster wheels

    Heavy duty caster: Rubber caster wheels, widely used as industrial caster wheels

    Trolley caster: widely used on super market trolley caster wheel

    Shock absorbing casters: Popular used as electric equipment caster, and high precision devices, which need avoid shocking.

    Low profile casters; Mostly used as machine casters, and industrial trolley.
  • Phone: +86 137 36454395
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  • Registration Date on 10 Apr 2017
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): Japan.htmlJapan
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    No Company Name Country State/Region Company Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Xinchen Caster Wheels Company
    China.htmlChina Zhejiang xinchen caster wheels specialized in manufacture caster wheels, such as medical caster wheels, heavy duty caster wheels, scaffolding caster wheels, central locking caster wheels, furniture caster wheels, high quality competitive price
    Type of Business:

    Product List:
    Asbestos Rubber Sheets  (medical bed caster wheels)
    Ferroalloy Products  (stainless steel caster wheels)
    Rubber Magnet  (rubber caster wheels)
    Steel Profiles  (extra heavy duty caster wheels)
    … … …

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    Number of Employees in the Company:

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    Company Web Site:

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