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    Step Roofing Tile Roll Forming  (Roll Forming Machine for coil - 12meters/min, 5kW, Raw Material Width 914-1250mm, Raw Material...) - FOB China

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  • Short Description: step roof tile roll forming machine, glazed roof tile roll forming machine, roofing tile roll forming machine, roll forming machine
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    The structure of the step roofing tile roll forming machine is simple, which applies the section structures welded with each other after whole processing, and the roller of the step roofing tile roll forming machine was precise processed from the high quality No. 45 forging steel, and after that they were coated with hard chromium on the surface, so that the roller skin hardness is high, smooth, and the surface of the raw material will be prevented from scratches.

    Below is One Machine General Parameters for Reference Only.

    Thickness of Material: 0.3-0.6mm
    Width of Material: 1200mm.
    Roller Stations: 16
    Forming Speed: 3-5m/min
    Material of Roller: 45# steel Polished and coated with chrome 0.05mm
    Main Power: 5.5KW
    Hydraulic Power: 5.5kw
    Installation Dimension: Approx. 8200mmX1500mmX1500mm
    Total weight: Approx. 7T


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    1 Shanghai Mtc Indusrial Co. Ltd
    Shanghai Mtc Indusrial Co. Ltd
    China.htmlChina Shanghai Shanghai Mtc Indusrial Co. Ltd - Company… Shanghai MTC Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing various cold roll forming machines and insulated sandwich panel production lines in China. With the development of the new age, MTC now presents the most advanced and innovative technology in its main products, such as roll forming machines, insulated sandwich panel production lines, slitting and cut-to-length machine lines, hydraulic decoilers, and some auxiliary machines etc.
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    1 Mr. Louis Wang Shanghai_Mtc_Indusrial_Co_Ltd.htmlShanghai Mtc Indusrial Co. Ltd Sales Manager +86 21 6722 8332 - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 18 Feb 2014
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    Shanghai, Shanghai

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    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
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