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    Carbon Steel Pipes - Round - Carbon Steel Pipe  (Hot Rolled Seamless Pipe - Tensile 210-495MPa, ∅6-945mm) - FOB China

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  • Short Description: Standard: ASTM A53, ASTM A252, ASTM A106, ASTM A500, JIS G3466.

    Surface Treatment: Oiling, Black painting, Varnish, Passivation, Phosphating, Pickling.


    1/2" Nominal to 24"O.D. Seamless Pipe
    Wall Thicknesses - Schedule 40 up to 4.000"
  • Detailed Description:

    Thanks to its complex chemical and physical properties, AGICO carries a full inventory of carbon steel pipe products in a variety of sizes, grade and price to meet the structural piping requirements for applications the water, petroleum, oil & gas and other industries. Carbon steel pipe can be structural in nature or used in fluid, gas, oil transmission. We carry carbon steel piping in A500, A53, A106 and A252. The grade indicates the testing methods required for a given application. It is critical that structural grades of carbon steel pipe not be used for pressure or fluid applications.

    AGICO Steel offers a wide-range of carbon steel pipe products. The term carbon steel pipe is quite broad in scope and can be used to describe a wide range of metal tubular goods whose main alloying element is carbon. Although many of the same manufacturing principles apply to both carbon steel pipe and various similar alloy tubular goods, the focus of this narrative will be on the manufacturing process of mild carbon steel pipe goods commonly used for oil and gas as well as water transmission, structural applications, general purpose casing, piling, and mechanical components.

    Carbon steel pipe starts out by arriving at the pipe mill in the form of either a billet or a coil. Depending on the manufacturing method used by the mill, these billets or coils will be processed to yield the finished end product. We will examine the various manufacturing methods used to make carbon steel pipe, but first let's look at how the carbon steel got here in the first place.

    Seamless carbon steel pipe has, as its name implies, no longitudinal weld seam. It is, in essence, one solid homogeneous piece of steel. A solid billet is simply heated and then stretched over a series of mandrels until the pipe has achieved its desired diameter and wall thickness. Typically seamless carbon steel pipe fourteen inches and greater in diameter are rolled from shells which expand the diameter and reduce the wall until the desired dimensions are achieved. Sizes smaller than fourteen inches in diameter are typically stretch reduced whereby the diameter is gradually reduced and the wall relatively increased via a series of rolls. There is also a cold forming process for seamless pipe production, but such manufacturing processes are typically reserved for different alloys. Being that there is no seam, seamless carbon steel pipe is typically used in high pressure applications.

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    China.htmlChina Henan Anyang General International Co. Ltd - Company… With more than 15 years' export experience, Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO) is one of the professional steel products exporters and service providers in China. In order to meet the customer's fully requirements for different steel tubes and pipes, fittings and fabrication and specifications, we build up a unique "one-stop" service mode.
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