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    Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - Magnetic Insect Screen  (Stainless Steel, Tensile 1-1000MPa, ∅1-1000mm, Sheet/Roll Width 1-100...) - FOB China

  • Requirement:
  • Short Description: Magnetic insect screen made of fiberglass and other materials is applied on the windows and doors of the houses to keep bugs out and clean air in.
  • Detailed Description:

    Magnetic insect screen (also called magnetic mosquito net) is a new type of screen with magnets which helps prevent flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and kinds of bugs from entering indoor. Using this product made of polyester fiber or PVC coated fiberglass, you and your families can be protected from infectious diseases brought by insects.

    Magnetic screen door which can be produced in many different colors, is one of the most popular category and application of magnetic insect screen. It is an excellent choice for you to get rid of insect infestation and it will let you walk through the door with hands free.

    This is a multipurpose magnetic insect screen which is applied on a door, and its characters are demonstrated on the right.
    MIS-01: High-quality magnetic screen door is an advanced product that has many merits, such as keeping insects out efficiently.
    Weaving: plain weave or leno.
    Material: polyester fiber, PVC coated fiberglass.
    Size: 2' × 4' (single panel window), 4' × 4' (double panel window), 7' × 4' (three panel window), 3' × 7' (door), according to the size of your windows and doors.
    Length of roll: 20 m, 45 m, 90 m or as per customers' requirement.
    Mesh size: 14 × 14, 16 × 16, 18 × 16, 20 × 20, 30 × 30.
    Colors: black, white, gray, blue, brown, green and colors are customized.
    The picture shows a magnetic mosquito net in white, and by putting rice grains, we can know that it's a high-density product.
    MIS-02: The mesh size of magnetic mosquito screen is small enough to keep bugs out and clean air in.This is a magnetic insect screen in pink, and we can see its high-density mesh clearly.
    MIS-03: Magnetic insect screen with high density is good at preventing bugs from entering your house, and pink is one of the best-selling colors.
    Keeping insects out efficiently: Magnetic insect screen does well in keeping a wide range of pesky bugs out and letting you enjoy fresh air.
    Improved entrance protection: Our magnetic insect screen comes with full-frame, intensive velcro and super strong magnets. These work together to create a safe bug repellent barrier between you and the outside world.
    Durable design: Our magnetic mosquito net fits most standard-sized frames, giving you superior protection from bugs, ants, spiders, mosquitoes and even birds. Featuring reinforced velcro and strong magnets, our screens feature ultra-fine mesh to create healthy airflow in your home or office without letting in all the little creepy crawlies.
    Walk through hands free: Attaching securely to the edges of your door frame, you can pass through the door without ever using your hands. This is extra helpful for busy parents who like BBQ or children who play outside.
    Easy-installed and low-cost: The installation of this screen can be done in just a few minutes and without ever relying on tools, complicated instructions, or an expensive handy man. So you can save quite a lot on maintenance costs.
    Lifetime warranty: Our magnetic insect screen is tough enough to stand up to pets, messy kids, high winds and has a long service life.
    Friendly environment: Our product does not use toxic chemicals to repel insects, but eco-friendly ones.
    Varied colors: This product can be made in numerous vivid colors and you can choose according to your preferences.
    This picture shows that a part of the magnetic insect screen is tore by someone, but it isn't broken.
    MIS-04: Our product has a durable design and all the parts of the screen make it performed well.It displays the details of the magnetic mosquito net, especially the parts with magnets.
    MIS-05: The strong magnets on the magnetic insect screen is the most significant feature of it.
    There is a magnetic screen doors in orange, and there are some other colors for your choice.
    MIS-06: We can manufacture magnetic insect screen in many bright colors which you can choose according to your preferences.
    Magnetic insect screen is suitable for installing on the windows and doors of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, etc. Frames which is made of iron, rubber, wood, aluminum alloy and any other materials are matching.

    This product will keep flies, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and other insects out to offer you and your families a comfortable living environment. Applied on the windows and doors of houses and offices, magnetic mosquito net can provide excellent light transmission and allow good air-flow.

    In front of a private garden, there is a magnetic screen door whose magnet section is amplified.
    MIS-07: Magnetic mosquito net is widely used in many areas, and magnetic screen door is one of the commonest applications.There is a magnetic screen door and you can see the outside world clearly through it.
    MIS-08: Magnetic screen door can provide excellent light transmission and maintain good ventilation for users.
    A magnetic insect screen is being put on the magnets which have been installed.
    MIS-09: Magnetic insect screen is also suitable for windows and you can install it with simple tools by yourself.
    Inner PP bag with outer carton box.
    25-30 pieces per box (inner gift box is available but extra cost).
    Plastic bag packing. 2 rolls, 4 rolls, 6 rolls or 8 rolls in one carton box, then put into tray (optional).
    Depends on your request.

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    1 Augern Screen Mesh Manufacture Co. Limited
    China.htmlChina Hebei Our company mainly manufacture first-class mosquito screen meshes, including anti-dust window screen, anti-pollen window screen, pet-proof window screen, security screen, aluminum alloy window screen, copper window screen, fiberglass window screen, galvanized window screen, plastic window screen, stainless steel window screen, invisible window screen, magnetic insect screen, pleated window screen, sliding window screen and others in different dimensions.
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    I sell mosquito screen mesh, galvanized/SS window screen, invisible screen, anti-pollen window screen

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        1 1196-2002 GB/T
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