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    Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - Gabion Cage Accessory  (12L14, Tensile 1-1000MPa, ∅1-1000mm, Sheet/Roll Width 1-10000mm, 3 Lay...) - FOB China

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  • Short Description: Gabion cage accessory, including spiral wire, C rings, lacing wire and others can help to fasten the gabion cage and make the gabions stable and durable.
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    Gabion cage is an important material during water conservancy construction, emergent projects and decorative applications. To enhance the structure of gabion cage, we can supply different gabion cage accessory for your choice, you can browse them and find the perfect accessory for your choice.

    A stainless steel spiral wire on the white background.
    EGCA-01: Spiral wire.
    Spiral wire. The spiral wire is made of high quality galvanized steel wire, Galfan coated steel wire, PVC coating steel wire and event stainless steel wire. It is widely used in the welded gabion cages fixation and fastening.

    Material: galvanized wire, PVC coating wire, Galfan coated wire, stainless steel wire.
    Wire diameter: 2.2 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.8 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm.
    Pitch: 20 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm.
    Spiral inner diameter: 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm or custom others.
    Length: 300 mm, 500 mm, 1000 mm or any custom length.
    Two lines of C rings on the white background.
    EGCA-02: C rings.
    C rings. An important accessory in the fastening and fixation of gabion cage. It is an alternative to the lacing wire. Compared with lacing wire, the C ring can save more times and it is very easy to operate, just use the professional C ring guns to fasten the gabion cage.

    Material: galvanized wire, PVC coating wire, Galfan coated wire.
    Tensile strength: 1700 N/mm2 to 2000 N/mm2.
    Wire diameter: 3 mm.
    Length: 45 mm.
    Package: packaged in boxes.
    Two lines of U clips on the table.
    EGCA-03: U clips.
    U clip. It is another fastening accessory for welded gabion cage. It is an metal sheet shaped clips which has better tensile strength than the C rings or lacing wire. The price of U clips are higher than the other accessories, but the long service life is worthy for the cost.

    Material: high quality stainless steel.
    Width: 8.5 mm.
    Length: 18.5 mm.
    Height: 17.5 mm.
    Strip: each strip contains 25 clips.
    Several galvanized stiffeners on the white background.
    EGCA-04: Stiffener.
    Stiffener. It is also called internal bracing wire. It is commonly installed in the welded gabion cages to prevent bulging out and ensure the tidy and firm structure. To prevent heavy deformation caused by the stones, the bracing wire is a must in the welded gabion cage. The installation of stiffeners should be according to the The materials of stiffener can be galvanized or Galfan steel wire, which is same as the mesh wire of welded gabion cage. It can also be made of stainless steel wire, which supply higher tensile strength and more durable life.

    Material: galvanized wire, Galfan coated wire, stainless steel wire.
    Wire diameter: 4 mm.
    Length: any length is available.
    A roll of galvanized lacing wire on the white background.
    EGCA-05: Lacing wire.
    Lacing wire. It is widely used in the woven gabion cages and welded gabion cages. The lacing wire is the most economical type. It need not special tools compared with C rings, so it is a economical type.

    Material: galvanized wire, PVC coating wire, Galfan coated wire.
    Wire diameter: commonly is 2.2 mm.
    Package: packed in rolls. 25 kg/roll, 50 kg/roll.

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    China.htmlChina Hebei Established in 2003, Elong Gabion Cage Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing, manufacturing and designing gabion cages. Our gabion cages are made of various high quality materials and adopt different production technology to produce various shapes gabion cages. The gabion cages are high tensile strength, corrosion and rust resistance, rigid and durable structure and long service life.
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