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    Steel Wire Ring Net  (Metal, Tensile 1000MPa, ∅800mm, Sheet/Roll Width 600mm, 254SMo) - FOB China

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  • Short Description: Steel Wire Ring Net - Even Surface and High Tensile
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    Steel Wire Ring Net - Chain Link or Hexagonal Wire Mesh Combination
    Steel ring net system is passive protection system. The steel ring net system main consists of steel ring nets and chain link fences. Sometimes, the steel wire ring net can be used with hexagonal wire mesh. The steel wire ring net is combined with several steel rings. The steel rings are made of high tensile steel wires. Single steel wire are looped with ends inserted into the thread or secured by one or more than one ferrules. The ferrules can be steel or aluminum alloy. They are distributed on the rings evenly on three points. The rings are interlocked each other to supply high bear and load capacity. Each ring is connected with four or six contiguous rings in order to create a stable and solid ring net. The steel ring net is more flexible than the steel rope net.

    A sketch up of four contiguous rings type steel wire ring net.
    SWRN-01: Four contiguous ring type steel wire ring net.A sketch up of six contiguous rings type steel wire ring net.
    SWRN-02: Six contiguous ring type steel wire ring net.
    Chain link fence. The chain link fence are made of high tensile steel wire to bear the high impact from stones or snow. The wire diameter will be 2.5 mm or thicker and the mesh size is commonly 50 mm.
    Hexagonal wire mesh. It is an alternative to the chain link fence. The hexagonal wire mesh can also be used combined with steel ring net to block the smaller stones or soils in the natural hazard.
    Steel ring net. Steel ring net is made of high tensile steel wire and the wires are looped into circles. The circles will connect with each other to form steel ring net. The steel ring net has high load capacity and is more flexible than the steel rope net.
    Decompression ring. Decompression ring is placed along the steel wire ring net. It can reduce the pressure of the steel wire ring net. The decompression ring is made of hot dipped galvanized metal, which has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance.
    Supporting rope. Supporting rope is mainly used for supporting the wire rope and decompression ring. It is made of stainless steel wire ropes, which has high tensile strength and can bear the huge attack from the stones and snows.
    Steel column. Steel column is the H type post. It is installed onto the foundation base to support the steel wire ring net. The steel column is corrosion and rust resistance to bear the harsh environments. Additional, the steel column is high tensile strength to support the steel ring net. The arrangement of steel column is based on the terrain and usage environments.
    Foundation base. Foundation base is used for fasten the steel column onto the ground. The foundation base is hot dipped galvanized to resist the corrosion and rust.
    Two rolls of hexagonal wire mesh on the ground.
    SWRN-03: Hexagonal wire mesh.Four decompression rings are fastened to the supporting rope
    SWRN-04: Decompression ring.
    A hot dipped foundation base on the ground.
    SWRN-05: Foundation base.Several H beam on the ground.
    SWRN-06: Steel column.
    Specifications of steel wire ring net
    Steel ring net wire diameter: 3 mm.
    Steel ring net ring diameter: 300 mm or 350 mm.
    Chain link fence wire diameter: 2 mm - 3 mm.
    Chain link fence mesh size: 5 cm × 5 cm.
    Types of steel ring net
    Ring net type RXI-025 RXI-050 RXI-075 RXI-100 RXI-150 RXI-200 RXI-300
    Energy absorption capacity (kJ) 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000 3000
    Ring net type R5/3/300 R7/3/300 R7/3/300 R9/3/300 R12/3/300 R16/3/300 R16/3/300
    Strands of wire 5 7 7 9 12 16 16
    Wire diameter (mm) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
    Ring diameter (mm) 300 350/300 350/300 350/300 300 350/300 300
    Rope diameter (mm) 16 - 18 18 - 22 14 - 16 16 - 18 18 - 20 18 - 22 22
    Distance between posts (m) 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12
    Min./max. Barrier height (m) 3/6 4/7.5 4/7.5 5/9 6/10.5 5/9 6/10.5
    Max. Deflection distance (m) 4.36 5.8 <7 8.15 8.45 8.15 8.45
    Usable height remaining in impact section >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A) >50% (Cat.A)
    Features of steel ring net
    High tensile strength.
    More flexible.
    High load and absorption capacity.
    Quick and easy installation.
    Easy to replace the broken parts.
    Corrosion resistance.
    Chain link fence or hexagonal wire mesh for choice.
    Steel ring net is installed with chain link fence and two decompression rings on the net.
    SWRN-07: Steel ring net used with chain link fence.Steel ring net is installed with hexagonal wire mesh.
    SWRN-08: Steel ring net used with hexagonal wire mesh.
    Applications of steel ring net
    The steel wire ring net is mainly used for retaining of unstable slopes controlling and preventing rockfalls and loose debris flow along roads, highways and railway, urban areas, mines and quarries.
    The steel wire ring net can also be used for snow avalanche protection produced from metallic coated steel wire or advanced metallic coating.

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