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    Zinc Powder 98  (Zn(min) 98%, GOST 12601-76) - FOB Russia

  • Requirement:
  • Short Description: Place of origin: Russian Federation

    Specifications: Mass fraction of zinc: not less, than 98%
  • Detailed Description:

    Usage:    Anticorrosive Paints and Base Coats, Thermodiffusion Galvanizing, Chemical Industry, Hydroelectrometallurgy, Gold Mining, Reduction of Organic Compounds in Synthesis, Fireworks Production, Powder Metallurgy, Hydrogen Energetics, Zinc powder is used in accumulator batteries, Zinc powder is also used for production of low- and high-temperature thread leads employed in oil and gas industries.

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    No Company Name Country State/Region Company Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Chemiru Russia Jsc
    Russia.htmlRussia Chelyabinsk Oblast Our company JSC "ChemiRu" was founded in 1995. The company is located in Chelyabinsk, the city on the board of Asia and Europe. This strategic location being at the heart of Russia makes us a beneficial partner both for European and Asian countries.
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    +79 226 309502

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    No User Full Name Company Verified Manufacturer Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Miss Elena Taraskina Chemiru_Russia_Jsc.htmlChemiru Russia Jsc Export Manager - Login to Steelads - Russia.htmlRussia 07 Oct 2013
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    Wien, Vienna

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  • Country Details

    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 Austria Wien Western Europe 83,859 km² 8,091,800 people
    2 Russia Moscow Eastern Europe 17,075,400 km² 146,934,000 people
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      • Zinc Powder 98  (Zn(min) 98%, GOST 12601-76)… Standards

        No Standard No Society Summary
        1 GOST 12601-76 GOST
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